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Again, Feteasca Neagra with 90 points worldwide, in Wine Enthusiast. A double SERVE success, with Cuvee Guy de Poix on top with Cuvee Charlotte!

Again, Feteasca Neagra with 90 points worldwide, in Wine Enthusiast. A double SERVE success, with Cuvee Guy de Poix on top with Cuvee Charlotte!

At the beginning of the year, a wine from the Romanian variety Fetească neagră – Cuvee Guy de Poix 2016 – obtained 90 points in the well-known publication of world circulation Wine Advocate (“remarkable wine, with exceptional character and complexity”). Here that the same variety and the same brand repeat the performance – this time in the evaluations of the prestigious Wine Enthusiast (WE). Next to Feteasca neagră Guy de Poix is ​​another wine from SERVE Ceptura, Cuvee Charlotte 2014, listed with the same honorable score. “This is the second year in which we present a collection of the best wines from the SERVE portfolio to both Wine Advocate and Wine Enthusiast”, says in January the entrepreneur Mihaela de Poix, who runs the winery in Dealu Mare, the first foreign investment after 1990 in Romanian wine. It seems that it was a correct choice, considering that SERVE has two of the three Romanian wines of 90 points in this evaluation of WE (and 13 wines over 86 points out of the total of 28 wines presented). In the meantime, something even more interesting has appeared, however: not only Cuvee Guy de Poix from 2016 from SERVE received 90 Wine Enthusiast points, but also 2015, published in 2020 without the producer “giving up”.

Multiple evaluations confirm the coherence and consistency of the SERVE philosophy

At SERVE, this is how we learned from the beginning: as they say in the printing house, we don’t give the “printing good” (for a wine, in our case) until we are sure that everything is perfect. And this “everything” has always meant the best wine, the most harmonious, the most honest but also the most delightful for those who trust us – the consumers. That’s why all our wines are designed this way – from Vinul Cavalerului to Cuvee Guy de Poix “, said Mihaela de Poix. The entrepreneur says that she and her team are “so proud of the results obtained two years in a row in two of the most recognized international evaluations precisely because they take into account the price / quality ratio of the wines evaluated, and Guy de Poix is the most expensive they come from a Romanian variety that obtains this score ”. 

13 SERVE wines out of the 28 presented. All 13 received over 86 points

“With over 86 points for all 13 wines presented, we aspire to a place on the map of quality wine producers”, says Mihaela de Poix, who explains: “Only with” consistency “- in Romanian I would use the banal” constancy “and permanent aspiration for excellence we will manage to make our place among the most known and appreciated producers in the world, and I think we do the greatest good to Romanian wines by continuing to participate in these evaluations. I invite as many of our colleagues as possible to do the same, only in this way we will prove that we exist and we will draw attention to Romania ”.

The 13 SERVE wines and the scores presented by Wine Enthusiast in April 2021

Cuvee Guy de Poix 2016 – 90 pt
Cuvee Charlotte 2014 – 90 pt
Cuvee Guillaume 2018 – 89 pt
Cuvee Amaury 2018 – 89 pt
Cuvee Clemence 2018 – 89 pt (BEST BUY)
Terra Romana Milenium Roșu 2016 – 87 pt
Terra Romana Cabernet Sauvignon 2016 – 87 pt (BEST BUY)
Terra Romana Milenium Alb 2019 – 87 pt (BEST BUY)
Rezerva Contelui Fetească albă 2019 – 87 pt (BEST BUY)
Terra Romana Sauvignon Blanc & Fetească albă 2019 – 87 pt (BEST BUY)
Terra Romana Fetească neagră 2017 – 86 pt (BEST BUY)
Cuvee Sissi 2019 – 86 pt
Terra Romana Rose 2019 – 86 pt (BEST BUY)

Mihaela de Poix also wanted to make a revelation to wine lovers in Romania – one of the behind the scenes of Wine Advocate, the magazine that presented in January 2021 a selection of 41 Romanian wines: , which says a lot. It is only in the last two years that Mark Squires, a Portuguese wine specialist, has started working. And I can’t help but mention in this context the name of Cristian Soare – with whom we have been working for almost 20 years on this market and who is the supporter and promoter of many Romanian wines in the USA. We thank him for his efforts and for his perseverance “.

#DealuMare, #OverWait and in Wine Enthusiast: the top three positions come from this region

“If in January 2021 28 of the 41 wines analyzed by Mark Squires MW for Wine Advocate came from the Dealu Mare region, the current evaluation of Wine Enthusiast confirms the international interest for this region, but also the value of wines here,” says Mihaela de Poix, owner SERVE. “20 of the 28 Romanian wines analyzed now by WE experts (all with honorable scores) – and all three marked with 90 points – come from Dealu Mare. A wine region with constant results #OverAspectations, as we like to say “, said the representative of SERVE Ceptura.

SERVE winery – the first with foreign capital in Romania for the last 31 years – is part of the nucleus of founders of the initiative of the Dealu Mare Professional Wine Association. It aims to create, in Dealu Mare, the first higher quality certification in Romania equivalent to the Controlled and Guaranteed Designation of Origin (DOCG) in Italy. Specifically, the members of the initiative have undertaken viticultural and oenological practices that strictly exceed the requirements of current legislation and ask the authorities to recognize a new level of quality in the area, but also increasing the requirements for the current Controlled Designation of Origin (DOC). The Dealu Mare Professional Association organizes, every last Saturday of each month, an event such as “open day” at various wineries, and annually promotes the region through a so-called “Escape to Dealu Mare”, through wine sales campaigns rare with a charitable role and other types of actions to educate the market and increase the notoriety of the entire wine-growing area.

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