Wine, that special art which harmoniously combines visual, olfactory, taste senses, emotion, as well as the bold thought. Discover its mysteries, one by one, by understanding firstly its beginnings. Find out how, more than 25 years ago, the French Count Guy TYREL de POIX, the man who started the SERVE story, fell in love with Romanian wine after tasting a glass of Fetească Neagră. His extensive experience and family influence enabled him to start this beautiful journey on the path of wine.


Our story is written page by page and should be read over a glass of wine that can understand you, soothe you and offer the chance for an unconditional friendship. Just like a premium quality wine, it has solely natural ingredients: a visionary, a connoisseur and a brave idea.

Open the book to its first chapter. Here is where Count Guy Tyrel de Poix greets you. He is the man who turned a dream into reality. Being a great wine and life aficionado, he left his mark on everything and everyone, instilling his passion for the benefit of revitalizing all Romanian varietals.

Keep reading and meet Aurel Rotarescu, the winemaker who managed to “tame” the Romanian varietals, leading them towards perfection. You can also contribute to his story by taking a visit to the winery, where you will be greeted by the man behind the tastes and aromas you enjoy today.

Whilst reading, you will also come across the person who has made a valuable contribution from the very beginning, through pragmatism and dedication, in order to implement the best ideas and goals related to the development of SERVE. Mihaela Tyrel de Poix, CEO and wife of Guy, the co-founder of SERVE, who shares her husbands’ ideals and founded treasures, unraveling the love for wine glass by glass.

What I like most is building. I entered the world of wine in 1993. At first, being an engineer by profession, I became more involved in the organization and administration of the company, I made sure that things went" "As Guy imagined. Over time, learning about the art of making wines, I came to identify with this fascinating world, and now, with my team, I continue our story.

Mihaela TYREL de POIXCEO | S.E.R.V.E.


What is born from passion can only be conquered with zeal.

The 1993 moment

The youngest of our ranges, the one that actually started our story, is Vinul Cavalerului, the red and white Milenium brand being launched soon thereafter (1999 and 2001).

The wines of the Cuvée range are noted for their complex, plump tastes that can encompass the personality of those family members to whom they are dedicated. 2005 saw the birth of Terra Romana brand, made of carefully selected wines to satisfy all preferences and is composed like an ode dedicated to the Romanian terroir.

And our story goes on, marked by the passion we nurture and share for these divine nectars.


We created the Cuvée Range with the thought of our loved ones, friends, family and the most beautiful moments spent together. That is why this range bears the imprint of our soul and includes wines that bear the names of the important people in our lives, of those who created these wines. Whether they are called Cuvée Guy de Poix, after the name of the founder of SERVE, Cuvée Charlotte, Cuvée Sissi or Cuvée Clemence, all the wines in the Cuvée SERVE range are separate wines, produced in limited quantities and bottled in individually numbered bottles. Each wine has a unique personality, like the person to whom it was dedicated and is ideal to be enjoyed on a special occasion with a loved one.

Terra Romana

Almost 10 years after the first wines, we considered that we could offer more, more complex, more specific, in other words, to express what the French call Terroir. And so we brought to the world the range of Terra Romana wines, an expression of the land where we grow our grapes, helped by everything around us: sun, rain, drought, winds, but also by the hand of people dedicated to good wines. This is how the Milenium wines appeared – white and red – exotic and unprecedented blends of diverse and varied varieties, Romanian and international, so did the wines from the old vineyards with Romanian varieties, forgotten by the world, but not by us, the passionate ones, and more…


If you arrive at SERVE Winery you will discover a handful of different people, but driven by the same passion for wines. There are not many of us and the winery is not very big either, but these dimensions helped us to keep the qualities of SERVE wines intact and allowed us to lean with the same attention on each wine. Thus, whether you choose a SERVE Le Blanc, a SERVE Le Rouge or a SERVE Le Rose, you will surely be surprised by the distinguished taste and unique flavor of the SERVE wine of your choice.

Rezerva Contelui

Where is the secret of a really special wine hidden? And what gives it that nobility we all seek in a distinguished wine? Is it time? Be it the grape variety? Should the soil be rich and the climate perfect? Or all this together plus the most important ingredient, people’s passion? This is the secret hidden in the Rezerva Contelui, a wine created from the passion and experience of the SERVE oenologist, Aurel Rotărescu. After a long professional career that included a permanent exchange of experience with several famous French oenologists, our oenologist launched in 2017 the Rezerva Contelui range.

Vinul Cavalerului

When we created Vinul Cavalerului from the SERVE Winery, we all put our best. We, the Romanians, contributed with the rich soil and the mild climate but also with the passion of the viticulturists here, and our French colleagues came with the refinement and experience of the winemakers. This is how Vinul Cavalerului was born, a distinguished wine that can successfully accompany the delicious French quiche, but also our traditional Romanian dishes.