The story of a lifetime

Every wine we make is a declaration that is renewed harvest after harvest, still keeping the juice from which our story began 25 years ago. Respect for the vineyard, for people and for those who love wine.

April 26, 2021

Wine Enthusiast evaluations of our wines in April 2021

Again, Feteasca Neagra with 90 points worldwide, in Wine Enthusiast. A double SERVE success, with Cuvee Guy de Poix on top with Cuvee Charlotte! Again, Feteasca Neagra with 90 points…
March 15, 2021

Information about the evaluations made by Wine Advocate to our wines

#SERVE #PrimiiInRomania #GuyDePoix #FeteascaNeagra #PesteAsteptari #DealuMare # 90PuncteParker Mark Squires Article: “The Romanian wine industry may rightly seem a bit obscure to most, including Americans, but it is not so…
January 20, 2021

Feteasca neagră Guy de Poix, the only local variety with 90 Parkker points

Mihaela de Poix, CEO SERVE Ceptura: US appraisers are starting to get acquainted with Romanian wines #SERVE #PrimiiInRomania #GuyDePoix #FeteascaNeagra #PesteAsteptari #DealuMare # 90PuncteParker "The beginning of 2021 comes with…